• Enable dynamic request for early payments in real-time
  • Automatically calculate discounts & prioritize discounted invoices for processing
  • Rapidly see & apply discounts to invoices even before they’re entered into the ERP system


  • Optimize early payments dynamically to maximize discounts
  • Dynamically adjust cash pool available for early payments, based on financial goals
  • Inspyrus Discount Optimizer™ ensures win-win for both sides of Procure to Pay (P2P)—delivering the earliest payment for suppliers & maximum discounts for customers


  • Use rich spend analysis to quickly develop your discount program and identify the best supplier candidates
  • Advanced algorithms help rapidly segment suppliers into optimal discount tiers
  • Automatically recognize and apply pre-existing discount terms to expedite invoice processing

The Better Way

Inspyrus offers the most innovative and comprehensive Discount Management solution on the market. Inspyrus Dynamic Discounting allows you to dramatically increase early pay discounts by giving suppliers instant visibility of inflight invoices and customers the ability to expedite processing of discounted invoices.