Provides touchless processing and creates invoices automatically in ERP systems. Invoices are received in EDI, cXML, CSV and other structured data formats from your suppliers. DataEnrich is used to automatically match invoices to 2/3-way POs in your ERP instantaneously. You can now validate invoices in real time with ERP to ensure exception-free processing.

Inspyrus E-Invoicing

Single User Experience & Comprehensive Analytics

Modern UI and powerful 360º analytics provide unparalleled ease-of-use, consistent user experience and a consolidated view for all invoices, payments, rebates and early-pay discounts—across all ERP systems, operating units, and geographies. Over 100 reports available out-of-the-box.

Automation Report

View automation performance across all departments, business units, vendors and ERP systems

Invoices In Progress

Quickly see all in-flight invoices by type, status and vendor

Vendor Metrics

View vendors by spend, transactions, processing time and payment status