• Automates over 90% of invoice processing by integrating real-time with all ERP systems
  • Eliminates paper, manual data-entry and associated errors
  • Auto 2/3-way PO match and GL Coding accelerate invoice processing and eliminate exceptions
  • Configurable business rules increase automation flexibility


  • Provides out-of-the-box, best practice workflows for non-PO invoices, 2/3-way PO invoices, check requests, credit memos, freight invoices, exception handling…and more
  • Includes all actions and actors in a streamlined and unified workflow
  • Enables and enforces process standardization across the enterprise
  • Provides complete workload balancing, audit trail and compliance support


  • Single, unified application integrates real-time with all leading ERP systems
  • Instant access to information on invoices, payments, discounts, penalties, suppliers, PO coverage, cycle time, user workload and user delays
  • Mobile support enables approvals anytime, anywhere
  • Consolidated reporting across all processes and ERPs


  • Provides touchless invoice processing and creates invoices automatically in ERP system
  • Receives invoices in EDI, cXML, CSV and other structured data formats from your suppliers
  • Uses Inspyrus DataEnrich™ to automatically match invoices to 2/3-way POs in your ERP instantaneously
  • Validate invoices in real-time with ERP to ensure exception-free processing

The Better Way

Inspyrus offers the most innovative and comprehensive invoice automation solution on the market. With Inspyrus you get true end-to-end process automation for Accounts Payable that is integrated real-time with all your ERP systems—all from a single application.